Continuing education is becoming increasingly important these days. The world is in constant change. New machines, technologies and scientific knowledge ensure that knowledge changes faster and faster and is highly transitory. Those who do not adapt to this trend will have a difficult job. Professional training is therefore absolutely essential for every employee.

Not only in order to advance professionally, to pursue more responsible jobs and to earn more money, but also in order to be able to carry out his current job in the future and to remain competitive on the job market. But training is often very expensive. The state supports those interested in further training in the form of low-interest loans for further training so that people who do not have so much money can still receive further training.

Low-interest loans for those interested in further training

Low-interest loans for those interested in further training

Anyone who wants to do something for their competitiveness on the job market and also for their personal development nowadays needs further training. Courses for professional development are particularly in demand. Whether a computer course to convert to MS Word 2010 or an SAP course. Whether a rhetoric seminar or a seminar for executives – professional training is possible in a wide variety of areas. Everyone decides what makes sense individually. Depending on your professional goals, current level of knowledge, personal strengths and weaknesses, courses in different areas can help you to climb the career ladder.

However, courses are rarely free. In order to support those interested in further training in their personal development, public law banks grant low-interest loans for further training. Training loans are particularly interesting for long-term training. The loan can be used not only to pay for the costs of the relevant advanced training courses, but also for the cost of living and the cost of purchasing a new laptop, for example. Loans for further education are promised to interested parties regardless of their type and amount of income, without credit check.

The special thing about loans for further education, in addition to their low interest rates, is that the repayment is delayed. Anyone who applies for a training loan now only begins repaying years later. In this way it can be ensured that the person interested in further training can take care of his further training in peace and only have to worry about the repayment after it has been successfully completed. This is when the success of the further education has perhaps already borne extensive financial fruits.

Promotional loan from the Lite Lender bank

Promotional loan from the Frankfurt KfW bank

The Lite Lender banking group specializes in support programs, including an education loan. However, this is only accessible to adult applicants under the age of 36. With a borrowing rate of 2.57% per year, the educational loan promises absolute dream conditions. It is granted regardless of income.

Repayment of the loan begins 4 years after the first payment. Payments are made monthly, depending on your choice, 100, 200 or 300 USD are paid to the applicant for up to 24 months. The loan can be taken out several times.

In addition, the training costs can of course continue to be claimed as advertising costs at the tax office. This includes all costs that have arisen from the purchase of teaching materials, but also the travel costs to the respective training locations, such as the fees for the further training courses themselves. However, the total costs must exceed the flat rate of 920 USD from the tax office.

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