I earn the lowest domestic. I have an installment of 700 USD plus telephone, light, coal bills, ie fuel where a ton costs 700 USD, I have the minimum sanitary to survive. Does the wife have to pay her husband’s debts?

Immediately after the marriage between you, there was a statutory joint property. It means, however, that everything you earn during your marriage will be yours.

As a curiosity, it is worth adding that personal property, eg clothes or other personal belongings, is excluded from the joint property.


Is the wife responsible for her husband’s debts incurred before marriage?

From the moment you get married, you are both responsible for your property and for your obligations – together. The exception is when the debt of one of the spouses arose before marriage.

In such a situation, creditors, debt collection company or bailiff have no right to demand repayment of debt from joint property! Creditors can only enforce the debt arising before marriage only from the spouse’s salary, for example.


When the debt arose after the wedding

When the debt arose after the wedding

Here, too, is a rescue for you, because it is of great importance whether you, as a wife, knew about the obligations that the husband made after marriage.

Is the wife liable for her husband’s debts incurred without her consent?

If the husband without his wife’s consent, incurred debts without her knowledge, eg by borrowing money from a friend, taking a loan for proof, payday pay or even devouring someone else’s loan – then he is responsible for the debt.


What does this mean for the bailiff?

This means that the bailiff cannot enforce bailiffs on your joint property. The bailiff can only take up property that belongs to her husband, eg a car, scooter, laptop, tractor, etc., etc.


The husband borrowed money with his wife’s consent

If your husband has taken loans and credits with your consent and knowledge, then if the bailiff is enforced, the bailiff can calmly take over your joint property. However, excluding your salary!

Your salary will be taken, if your credit or loan agreement also includes your data, then a joint loan equals joint liability for debts.


Liability for a spouse’s debts in property separation

spouse debt

To secure yourself for the future, all you have to do is end your property right after marriage. The joint property is eliminated by a notary public. It is obvious then that for the abolition of property – you both agree!

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