Advantages and calculation of ex postal loans for post office employees

Advantages and calculation of ex postal loans for post office employees

When it comes to access to credit, civil servants are considered to be advantaged subjects, being able to count on Social Institute loans ex Government Agency. Few people know, however, that even employees of post office can count on credit lines at favorable conditions. Loans that can be simulated using the online service for the postal loan demonstration calculation.

It is a web application dedicated to postal employees who can access subsidized Social Institute ex postal loans. In fact, following the elimination of the social security institution postal, Social Institute is the reference institution for postal employees and pensioners.

The ex postal services, including loans, are managed by a special Social Institute office which takes the name of Management of the credit post office fund. The subsidized Social Institute ex postal loans are accessible only to employees of post office Spa and associated companies.

Postal 2018 loan conditions

postal 2018 loan conditions

The Social Institute ex postal loan offer is divided into two categories of products: small loans and long-term loans. Small loans allow you to get small sums with which to cope with sudden expenses. The sum that can be financed ranges from a minimum of one to a maximum of eight monthly salaries received by the applicant. The repayment can last 1, 2, 3, or 4 years. The Taeg is fixed at 5%.

Multiannual loans, on the other hand, are designed to meet important expenses. Among the permitted purposes we find, for example, the renovation of the house, the purchase of a car or the residence house. The sum that can be financed is defined in the application, based on the budgeted expenses and income of the applicant.

Multi-year loans can be repaid in five or ten years. The interest rate (Taeg) is fixed at 3.50% and the repayment takes place through the transfer of the fifth of the salary.

The postal loan demonstration calculation service can be used for both small and multi-year loans. The application allows you to calculate the desired loan installment.

How to simulate Social Institute ex postal loans online

How to simulate Social Institute ex postal loans online

How to carry out the postal loan demonstration calculation? The service is accessible through the official Social Institute portal. To use it, therefore, you must first connect to the portal www. Social From the home page it is necessary to click on the link All services, located at the top left.

The user is then sent back to a page which indicates all the services accessible from the portal. To access the service for calculating the installment, it is necessary to filter the results by theme by choosing the Loans item from the appropriate drop-down menu.

At this point it will be sufficient to choose the post office Group Employee/Pensioner service (Credit, Mutuality). After logging in with the Pin Social Institute, the civil servant can carry out a loan simulation by accessing the credit and mutuality services for post office Group employees and retirees.

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